In some areas of Stoke on Trent, problems with alcohol among children are becoming such a big problem, that the council decided to work with schools and children directly to combat the problem. The children were directly responsible for commissioning a short film about drinking and some software to show how they would look older, with the effects of alcohol. The project was a great success and should pave the way for similar pro-activity throughout all schools in Great Britain, especially those areas worse effected by alcohol abuse.

Together with the digital company Rancon, we created this unique ageing software to age the children a few years before adding a slider effect with worsening effects of alcohol. The children had a direct impact on the way the software looked and worked. For a start, it had to be very easy to use, at one click the children can upload a photo of themselves, they then place markers for their eyes, mouth and chin, then click to age. Once the aged image appears, they can use the slider to increase effects of alcohol, including red bloated cheeks, bloodshot eyes, weight gain and blemished skin. At any time, the children can click to return to their original image.

As the image changes, the tension builds, culminating in the final ‘worst case scenario’ of the child as an alcoholic. The results speak for themselves as the children gasp and claim never to want to touch a drop of alcohol in their lives – the images are shocking but realistic unlike many other software programmes on the market.

We are so excited to have worked on such an important project and hope that other schools and organisations may benefit from the alcohol ageing software too. We are now working on the smoking version.

For more information please contact Auriole Prince on 0845 539 3399 or 07958 635 905.


Crimewatch appeals…

January 27, 2011

This is Kanwarjeet Singh Batth. He is wanted for the murder of Opinderpal Singh Randhawa who was stabbed to death last month. 24-year-old Batth disappeared after the incident in Slough on December 28th, 2010.

Auriole Prince manipulated an image to show him with a full beard and head wear (hat or turban?)

CCTV footage of Kanwarjeet Singh Batth

He has connections in the Luton area but could be anywhere in the U.K. Batth, who may wear some form of dark head covering, has grown a full beard since this picture was taken. Police have released an image of Batth, captured by CCTV cameras at Slough railway station just hours after the stabbing, showing how he may look now.

Anyone with any information as to the whereabouts of Kanwarjeet Singh Batth should contact Thames Valley Police on 0845 850 5505

I’m just going to talk a little about what I do now, In 2005, I decided to go freelance…..I started changemyface a cosmetic surgery imaging website.

With the growing trends in cosmetic surgery, I noticed there wasn’t a service like it at the time, and I thought it may be helpful for people to visualise their changes before going under the knife. I also felt that it was important that people should make an informed decision – so therefore deciding against surgery as well as deciding to undergo surgery. I did some research with surgeons and found out that for the most part they would do a scribble for the patient to show how they were going to look.

I initially thought that surgeons would love this idea, but what I’ve found is that they don’t like to show people how they are going to look, just in case it doesn’t turn out that way. Most of my clients come to me in the early stages of thinking about surgery and find it really helpful to visualize their changes but surgeons don’t seem so keen.  I do think it will be eventually be a service that is automatically offered to people before they undergo cosmetic surgery, especially for rhinoplasty operations.

As it happens I’ve had fantastic feedback from people….

This was one of my clients a man who had already had two lots of surgery to correct his nose but was unhappy with the results. In this case we did some 3D imaging and manipulated his nose from every angle so that he could then convey his wishes to his surgeon.

I’ve also done lots of imaging for TV Programmes and PR companies and have probably learned something new from each job. I cut my teeth on my biggest TV job when I first left Missing Persons.

This is one that I really enjoyed doing, a celebratory image of Marilyn Monroe to show her at 80….a purely decorative age progression commissioned by the Independent and then subsequently bought by a Japanese magazine. I created this image to show her as if she had lived a wonderful, happy life.

An interesting and topical project was for the government initiative Change4Life campaign which is tackling the problem of obesity. This growing problem sees cases of obesity tripling in 20 years time – a problem that will ultimately bankrupt the NHS if not tackled now. This project mission was to take 10 children and age them 30 years to different weights.

These are the kids and here they are as adults. I had to age each one, using only one parental reference photo, and then fatten them up according to the government statistics. This was quite a fiddly job – I first had to cut them out of the backgrounds, then age each one, then fatten them up to the appropriate weight, then make them fatter, then some of them thinner (I genuinely think that some of them are just not fat enough….) –  then put them all together making sure they were all naturally lit in a similar way.

Here is Holly with her older self – I think the kids were a bit bemused and the parents a bit worried to see their kids looking overweight and older.

Another project to do with weight issues was for Channel 4’s Jo Frost’s Extreme Parenting whereby 22 girls ranging from age 6 to early teens were photographed and I did the imaging to show them both 3x larger and 3x smaller in size.

The girls were supposed to pick out the image that they thought was them (nearly always picking a larger version) then they were asked to pick out the image that they preferred of themselves which nearly always the skinniest. I guess it highlighted issues that even young girls have about their weight these days.

I did some recent imaging and filming for the forthcoming series of Embarrassing Fat Bodies on Channel 4 (not mine you’ll be pleased to hear) so watch this space…November 2010.

Auriole Prince BA MMAA RMIP

Changemyface worked with the ECB and SK:N clinics to show the dangers of too much sun – I think this works really well…here’s the coverage in today’s Telegraph…

Graeme Swann: One test I can’t afford to miss

England cricketer Graeme Swann discovered a suspiscous mole as he underwent tests to highlight a new campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer.

By Victoria Lambert
Published: 7:00AM BST 07 Jun 2010

Cricketers Matt Prior, Andrew Strauss and Graeme Swann illustrate  the dangers of sun damage

Cricketers Matt Prior, Andrew Strauss and Graeme Swann illustrate the dangers of sun damage

England cricketer Graeme Swann doesn’t think about sunscreen much. He’s not interested in sunbathing, and admits to just slapping cream on without consulting the bottle: “I don’t really know which brand or factor – it tends to be whatever is handy,” he says.

Were it not for the day job, he might avoid the sun. But Swann, 31, is ECB Cricketer of the Year and already a hero to fans: he is the first English off-spinner since Jim Laker to take 10 wickets in a match, when England beat their hosts Bangladesh in the first Test of the series.

Swann cannot dismiss the need for protection: cricketers, with their long hours in the field, are at particular risk of skin cancer. A study has found that one in seven county players had to be referred to specialists after the discovery of potential melanomas during check-ups. Now the Professional Cricketer’s Association has organised screening for all its members at private clinics nationwide run by the dermatology specialists sk:n. Of those screened so far, 15 per cent have been told they need further checks.

The consequences of ignoring the problem were confirmed recently when Mark Jasper, 41, the Australian-born cricketer who plays in Devon, revealed that he was terminally ill after being diagnosed with skin cancer. This was contracted, he believes, after he failed to apply sunscreen during a match in New Zealand in 2001 and was badly burnt.

The rate of skin cancer in men is on the rise. Last week, figures from Cancer Research UK showed that the number of men dying from malignant melanoma had almost trebled over the past three decades. In the late Seventies, fewer than 400 men died from melanoma; now it is more than 1,100.

Skin cancer is the second most common form of the disease in young adults, with nearly 200 cases reported in Britain daily. Yet it is preventable if people avoid sunburn and deal with “worrying” moles early, the charity says.

In an attempt to raise awareness, Swann, an off-spinner for Nottinghamshire, agreed to undergo a full body mole examination to check for any potential or actual melanomas, plus an ultra violet light test to reveal the skin damage on his face that is yet to be visible. The news was… well, not great. Irshad Zaki, a consultant dermatologist at the Heart of England NHS Trust who also works for sk:n, has found a small mole that he wants the cricketer to have removed “for safety’s sake – although it is not a cancer yet.”

Swann is not alarmed. “I’ve had every nook and cranny examined, and I am covered with freckles – so it could be worse. They’ve found a mole on my left shoulder which is two different colours. Either it is two moles fusing into one or a single mole changing colour.”

Moles changing shape, colour or size need to be observed or removed in case they develop into melanomas. “Skin cancer is curable if caught early,” says Mr Zaki. “But if it is ignored, cells can mutate or change [which causes the appearance of a mole to alter], which may allow the cancer to become established before spreading to other organs with potentially fatal results. Graeme’s mole is atypical so although he does not have cancer now, he could develop it. He doesn’t need to rush, but it wouldn’t be enough just to monitor it.” He adds that its location on the back is classic for men: “This is the most common area, for women it is on the lower leg.”

The UV light box does not show up cancers but it does reveal sun damage before it becomes visible. Swann is shocked to learn that he has a swath of damaged skin cells across the bridge of his nose and cheekbones. “I don’t want to end up looking like some weather-beaten old seadog.”

He’s admits he won’t take his sunglasses off on the pitch; it’s not sun damage to his retinas he fears, but crows’ feet.

Swann’s potential melanoma shows how difficult it is to avoid sun damage. “My wife, Sarah, loves the sun and goes a gorgeous brown, but I can’t sunbathe – I have the boredom threshold of a three-year-old. I’m more likely to overdo it if I’m playing golf – that’s when my forearms get sweaty and the cream wears off.”

He’s been told that the secret is to reapply sunscreen. “On match days, I tend to whack on cream – whatever the medical team have left out – in the morning but I know now I should be putting it on again at lunch and tea. I wouldn’t use oil – you can’t hold the ball with slippery hands.”

When Swann fields he stays covered up: “Buttoned up to the chin, hat on, sleeves down. I don’t take risks,” he says. “But you have to take your hat off to bowl. If you’re talking 25 overs in a day, you can get very hot and sweaty and the cream wears off again.”

He is hopeful about the season ahead: “We’re on a high after winning the World Twenty20 title – it’s going to be a good summer.”

So how should spectators make sure they take home great memories and nothing sinister?

Mr Zaki recommends they follow the players and keep covered up. “Men who are losing their hair should be particularly careful to keep a hat on.”

He advises anyone who is not sure whether a mole is changing shape to take six-monthly pictures on a digital camera and monitor them for changes. Meanwhile, the only thing Swann intends catching in the slips from now on is the ball – not too much sun.

I expect you’ve all seen this  –  In Madeleine McCann’s case her parents went to America to have the age progression done and this helped to maximize publicity – it was first aired on the Oprah Winfrey show. Here, they have kept the distinctive abnormality of the iris, any distinguishing mark such as a scar, a mole, a crooked nose all help to identify one person from another. They will have made the iris smaller to give the illusion of being older…not quite so wide eyed and baby like. They have stretched the lower part of her face, using pictures of her mum and dad at the same age as a guide. The nose has lengthened and the nasal bridge is more defined. All these factors contribute to the ageing process and help the public to visualise how she could look now.

Image produced by Missing People

In the case of missing boy Ben Needham who disappeared off the island of Kos, an updated image will inform people that they are no longer looking for a two year old blonde haired boy, but that now he would be 19, resembling his parents at that age and no doubt with darker hair. Many aged images have been produced by different artists and it’s important to remember – it’s an artist using the computer to create the image, not the computer creating it, so it can sometimes be subjective and not always precise.

You may be wondering if age progression images actually look like the person when they are found, well here is one of my first cases that I did at missing persons where the girl who had been abducted by her father to Pakistan was eventually found. Here is the recovery photo compared to the age progressed image. Probably not perfect, but the general face shape is correct.  Looking back it would have been better to have given her an older hairstyle, more in keeping with her age and less deep set eyes.

It’s great to have success stories but unfortunately, an age progressed image is normally a last resort tactic to trying to find someone and therefore by the time you’re an age progression has been requested, the chances of that person being found are less likely.

Here’s another high profile missing person…..

The FBI recently produced a number of updated images of America’s most wanted… age progression techniques can be used to try and gain new information in ongoing law enforcement enquiries. Also, in terms of those who are wanted, it is important to show how they could look with different hairstyles, beards, with or without glasses etc.

Part 4 follows soon…

Auriole Prince BA MMAA RMIP

Old Age is Sexy

October 12, 2009

Emma Thompson insists she’ll grow old gracefully. The British actress believes people get sexier as they get older.

Emma Thomspon

“Old is very sexy,” said Thompson, who will soon be seen onscreen as Nanny McPhee in the movie sequel Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. “It must be awful for women who are in denial and insist on looking 20 years younger.

“How are we going to produce beautiful older women if we don’t allow ourselves to be older. I think the trick is to age honestly and gracefully. Trying to constantly look younger must be exhausting.”

Thompson — who is married to actor Greg Wiserecently revealed she was planning to take a break from Hollywood as a birthday present to herself. (She turned 50 in April.)

“I’m taking a year off. That’s my birthday present to myself,” she said. “I’m not going to act, write or anything like that. I’ll be a mum, teach drama at my daughter’s school, I’ll cook meals and have fun, go out with my friends, I’ll go to movies and not think about working. I’ll see what bubbles up after that.

“As an actor and writer, sometimes I think you have to stop creating and let your brain relax. I think it hones the appetite. I think that’s important.”

An image has been created of Anne Frank to show how she would look on her 80th birthday. I feel the image is not entirely up to date – she looks like an elderly woman from the 1950’s. However, to be fair, the image is sympathetically constructed…

anne frank

The ‘age progression’ image shows the diarist as she might have appeared today had she not died of typhus and starvation at the age of 15 in Bergen Belsen in March 1945, just a few weeks before the Nazi concentration camp was liberated by British troops.

Created for the Anne Frank Trust UK to mark her birthday on Friday – using the same techniques developed to artificially age missing people such as toddler Madeleine McCann – it is hoped the picture will help inspire Britain’s school children to think about the kind of lives they would like to lead, and to remember the loss of six million people in the Holocaust.

The Trust will launch a competition for children to write a letter to their 80-year-old selves, one of a number of projects being run across the world to mark the anniversary and challenge racist attitudes.

Anne’s half-sister Eva Schloss, a survivor of Auschwitz who played with her as a child in Amsterdam, saw the aged image for the first time on Thursday.

“I must say I was a bit shocked… I don’t really know why,” she said.

“It is a beautiful lady, very gentle, very kind-looking with this gentle smile.”

The aged image was produced by a Michigan firm called Phojoe which has worked with US police on dozens of missing persons cases.

The firm describes the technique as “part art, part science and a little intuition”, and bases its aged image on whatever photographs are available – which in Anne Franks’ case were of a carefree young girl.

Dr Schloss believes the loss of her mother and sister and Anne’s experiences in Auschwitz and then Bergen Belsen would have left their mark if she had lived, however.

“Personally I think she would have been more bitter and disappointed. I don’t see anything of this in the picture.”

Anne’s diary, which was first published in Dutch in 1947 and has since been translated into more than 60 different languages, details her time hiding from the Nazis with her Jewish family in Amsterdam.

Link to Telegraph article

changemyface – age progression, cosmetic surgery imaging and slimmer imaging

maddie-before maddie-after

By Michael Seamark and Daily Mail Reporter

The hair is longer and the chubby toddler cheeks are gone. But that distinctive mark in her eye is still there – making this image unmistakeably of Madeleine McCann as she might look today, two years after she vanished. Her parents Kate and Gerry revealed the picture to the world today in an emotional interview with U.S. chat show host Oprah Winfrey. Two years on: Left, Madeleine McCann shortly before she disappeared. Right, a new computer-generated image issued by her parents Kate and Gerry shows what she may look like today, aged six They believe that it is the most realistic image of how their daughter looks today. The picture will be used on posters headed, ‘Don’t Give Up on Me’ in a fresh drive to find the missing toddler. It was drawn up using photographs of Madeleine, computer assisted technology, and pictures of her parents around the same age. Gerry McCann’s features in particular can be seen in the image. It was created by U.S. experts from Virginia’s National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children – which may account for the ‘Americanised’ hair band and frilly dress – but Madeleine’s parents are ‘happy’ with the result. Enlarge madeleine Two years on: Kate and Gerry McCann released this computer-generated image of what Madeleine may look like today Age progression pictures are intended to give an idea of how a person may look several years after they disappeared. It is not an exact science, explained Auriole Prince, a British forensic and age progression artist who has helped police in missing person inquiries and trained at the FBI academy, but ‘an educated guess.’ She said: ‘It is a cross between art and science. You are trying to create an impression of what you think that person will look like today. ‘It’s a little like piecing together a puzzle. You start with a photograph of the missing person, use reference photographs of their parents and siblings and try to create an accurate, new image.’ Every face is obviously different, said Ms Prince, ‘but everyone has a unique likeness, that triangle of features, the eyes, the nose and the mouth. How the features sit in relation to one another. ‘People get older but they don’t look completely different.’ Enlarge Kate McCann Enlarge Kate McCann Emotional: Kate McCann breaks down as she talks about her missing daughter Madeleine on the Oprah Winfrey show In the case of a child of Madeleine’s age, the changes are sometimes marked. ‘ You start to lose that baby look,’ said Ms Prince. ‘ Everything will be moved on a stage – the bone structure the nose, the jaw line. ‘The best we can hope is to create familiarity. ‘It is not going to be 100 per cent accurate but that unique likeness remains and hopefully enables people to recognise her still, make a connection.’ Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007 while on holiday with her parents and twin siblings, Sean and Amelie, in the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz. Oprah aired a trailer for her interview with the McCanns on her U.S. show this afternoon, revealing the picture. The show will be aired on Monday, May 4 – a day after the McCanns quietly mark the tragic two-year anniversary. Kate McCann broke down during the Oprah interview as she appealed for information about her missing daughter. ‘My heart broke for them,’ the chat show host wrote in a posting on Twitter earlier this week. Meanwhile an expert has today claimed the youngster was probably abducted after walking out of her holiday apartment in search of her parents. Enlarge Supporting each other: Kate and Gerry unveiled a computer generated image of how Madeleine might look if still alive, set for release later today Supporting each other: Kate and Gerry unveiled a computer generated image of how Madeleine might look if still alive. It was released today Criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas said it was unlikely an abductor entered apartment 5a at the Ocean Club in Praia Da Luz, Portugal. The former detective said Madeleine was probably snatched by an opportunistic paedophile as she looked for her parents as they ate with friends at a nearby tapas bar. His comments come as Kate and Gerry McCann launch a fresh appeal ahead of the second anniversary since the three-year-old’s disappearance, two years ago this Sunday. The couple employed a forensic imaging artist from the United States’ National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children to create a photographic impression of how Madeleine would probably look today, aged five, nearly six. The ‘age progression image’ will be unveiled on Oprah Winfrey’s U.S. chat show, mid-afternoon British time today. The age progression will be used on posters for a fresh drive to find their daughter. It is being shown on the Oprah Fridays Live show ahead of the U.S. broadcast of the star’s interview with the McCanns on Monday, extracts from which were released today. Without evidence to the contrary, the McCanns, from Rothley in Leicestershire, still believe there is ‘a very real likelihood’ Madeleine is alive and well. In the one-hour interview, which will be screened in the UK at 8pm on Diva TV on Tuesday, Winfrey asked them: ‘Do you let yourself go to the worst?’ Mrs McCann replied: ‘I think it’s natural. I know people mean well when they say don’t let yourself go there, but as a mum, inevitably there are times when I do. And they’re the times that I kind of dip down.’ The interviewer asked them about their marriage. McCann Meanwhile an criminologist has claimed today that the youngster was probably abducted after walking out of her holiday apartment in search of her parents Mr McCann said: ‘Child abduction, I think, could destroy any family. There’s no doubt about it. ‘It’s one of the most devastating things. But we’ve been supported tremendously well and I think that’s helped us stay strong and stay together. ‘Obviously, we’re really united in our goal and our love of Madeleine and Sean and Amelie.’ Mrs McCann said she keeps Madeleine’s room ready for her return and said she goes in there about twice a day. ‘Do you talk to her?’ asked Oprah. Mrs McCann replied: ‘Just [to] say hello, really. Just [to] tell her we’re still going to do everything we can to find her.’ Criminologist Mr Williams-Thomas said publicly-available evidence leads him to believe the three-year-old arranged her toys on her bed and left through the unlocked patio door of the holiday apartment. He said the case bears striking similarities to the murder of Sarah Payne who was snatched from a West Sussex field nine years ago. He said: ‘Is it unreasonable to presume that Madeleine woke up and then went in search of her parents at a restaurant within a holiday complex that she had grown familiar with over the course of her holiday? ‘Neatly tucking up her toys – as her parents had done to her – she slipped out of the apartment through an insecure patio door. ‘This seems all the more credible given what we know happened to eight-year-old Sarah Payne who was abducted in July 2000, even though she was only out of sight of her family for a matter of seconds.’ Mr Williams-Thomas made his comments after reviewing more than 10,000 documents amassed by Portuguese police during their investigation. He said an abductor would not have arranged the toys on the bed as he would have wanted to escape as quickly as possible. The expert said a paedophile may have also chosen to take one of the younger and more defenceless twins, Sean and Amelie, who were sleeping nearby. Gerry McCann has revealed Madeleine asked her parents during the holiday why they had not come when the twins had been crying. Mr Williams-Thomas said: ‘Based on the evidence provided from within the case files it is more likely that she was abducted after she had left the apartment. A number of factors suggest that this is the likely scenario.’ Last year, on the first anniversary, Gerry and Kate launched an appeal, urging anyone who spoke to police about the missing child to contact their own hotline. The couple were buoyed by the news earlier this week that EU funding had been set aside for the Europe-wide alert system for missing children that they had campaigned for. They hope for another boost in the coming days, in the form of a substantial response to their release of the image. They then plan to spend Sunday in private. It is thought the Catholics will not visit their local chapel – although prayers will doubtless be said there for the family and their missing child. Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, said: ‘It’s going to be a busy weekend. The detectives and hotline are prepared for the response to the age progression image. ‘For Sunday, Kate and Gerry are determined to keep it as private and non-public an event as possible. They may even try to spend it with relatives.’ In a message on their website,, the McCanns said: ‘As the second anniversary of Madeleine’s abduction approaches, there is much still to be done. ‘We continue to remain focussed on our aim – to find Madeleine and bring her back home safely. As Madeleine’s parents we cannot and will not ever stop doing all we can to find her. ‘The search for Madeleine continues with the same strength and determination, and thankfully, there are many people who are continuing to help in a variety of ways.’

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Auriole Prince shows Coleen Nolan what her 40-a-day habit is doing to her skin….


Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has looked into the future and it has given her the shock of her life.

Auriole Prince, age progression artist shows the Mirror columnist how she may look in 10 and 20 years if she carries on smoking 40 cigarettes a day. The photos frightened Coleen so much that she has vowed to kick her habit.

The Dancing on Ice contestant gets the harrowing glimpse of her future during tonight’s The Truth About…Eternal Youth, a TV documentary about people’s obsession with looking young.

Coleen, 44, goes to London’s Harley Street and meets facial imaging artist Auriole Prince who reveals how wrinkles could spread across her face. Auriole shows her the image of how she could look in 10 years and told her: “I’ve increased the wrinkles around your eyes, especially as I hear you smoke 40 a day, and I’ve looked at your crow’s feet under the eyes. I’ve made your skin tone more grey as smoking effects the quality of the skin.”

Coleen replies: “Ok, I get the point, stop smoking.” She is then shown how she would look in 20 years’ time and stunned Coleen adds: “I think my husband might start divorce proceedings now.” After the programme, Coleen said she hoped she could do something about the images.

She said: “It was quite shocking. I know that smoking is one of the worst things that you can do for your skin. I am hoping to give up very soon.

“That is my plan and I am going out to buy nicotine patches because it is a promise I made to my daughter. Also I was amazed about the amount of sun damage my face had. I’m not a sunworshipper but I was shocked at the damage I had.

Mark Jefferies 2/04/2009

Campaign against obesity

April 2, 2009

The Department of Health’s campaign to help prevent obesity has been launched with some great images showing how 10 children will look in 30 years time, if they continue their unhealthy lifestyles. Statistically, 9 out of 10 of us will be overweight or obese. The government admits that if nothing is done then the National Health System will eventually be bankcrupted by the growing problem. See the images of how our children will look in 30 years time. Go to to see how you can improve your health.